• Participation That Matters

We believe in untapped human potential.

Traditionally, trust and collaboration have been difficult to scale. While fortune has favoured the BIG players in the past – with many left out – a new network-driven world is emerging and we are on the brink of realising our collective capability. We believe that economies should serve people, not the other way around.

Jala makes it easy for anyone to create or participate in ventures of any scale or complexity. Almost all ventures require legal, financial, and management structures, but our network makes participation verifiable, intuitive, and automated without the need for intermediaries.

Choose your investment:

The Jala Network

A digital platform that makes participation in any venture verifiable, intuitive, and automated without the need for intermediaries.

Value Return: Creation of the Star Trek Economy on Planet Earth.

Jala Commerce

A payment solution for Facebook Ecommerce that returns big dividends.

Value Return: Greater opportunity for small business owners.

Jala Bank Branch

A bank branch in every smartphone.

Value Return: Financial inclusivity for 20 million unbanked people within 5 years.

Jala International Development

A decentralized trust network for financing international development.

Value Return: Greater efficacy for international development initiatives.

Built on Holochain

Jala partners with and builds its applications on the Holochain which is creating highly scalable decentralized computing platform where “the crowd is the cloud.” Thereby it solves major issues which at present still prevent the “Internet of Verification” to take off: scalability, energy consumption and factual decentralization. The Holochain is built to allow distributed apps, or dApps, to function without these and other bottlenecks that affect current blockchains. Relative to other distributed application infrastructures such as Blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum), Holochain applications operate exponentially faster, more effective and cheaper. And finally the lightweight architecture is perfect for mobile phones and even lower capacity and lower power devices such as a Raspberry Pi; it makes the coming Internet of Things secure.

Our Partners