• Turning Social Capital into Economic Upgrades

    Our tools enable people in informal economies to leapfrog systemic barriers to development.


We work with partners to build decentralized, holistic solutions for financial inclusion and social impact

With such rapid development in information technology it can be challenging to separate the signal from the noise. Decentralized ledger technology for instance is an incredibly powerful tool that can be harnessed to create secure identities and incorruptible financial tools for economic inclusion. However, with all the hype around blockchain and cryptocurrencies, organizations, communities, and governments are left confused about how this tech could be used in their situation and often just avoid it altogether. We seek to bring clarity by entering partnerships and collaborating on how the latest tech can be used to actually deliver value. While we can develop solutions for almost any context, we are most passionate about collaborating on projects in the international development space.

Partner with us if you:

  • Intend or manage housing projects for the financially excluded
  • Want to access the international market of impact investing for your project
  • Plan to implement a mutual credit system in your community (can even be tokenless)
  • Want to make Social Capital visible and tradeable
  • Want to install a multilateral system of verifiable trust and reputation

Curious about how the latest developments in decentralized technology could supercharge or even revolutionize your sphere?


Impact Investing for Low Income Housing in the Philippines

On April 30, 2019 a huge fire destroyed the homes of 130 families in Sinagtala, Bahay Toro, Quezon City.  These families are amongst the lowest income segment of the Philippines and have no way to finance the reconstruction of their homes. Jala is developing tools that will enable them to access capital outside their community, such as self-regulating credit pools and a multilateral credit system. In a self-regulating credit pool, we harness the social capital that already exists within the community so that a more accurate risk assessment can be made by lenders, who would otherwise need to charge very high interest rates. Through a multilateral credit system, any value invested in the community can contribute to kickstarting a virtuous economy, allowing for long-term sustainability. By creating systems and partnerships that capture unused human potential, we believe this project will help generate prosperity and dignity for the Sinagtala community.

Planning an Integral Smart Satellite city for Pakistan

The Pakistan government plans to house 5 million people from the lowest income segment, a task described by commentators as ambitious or even impossible. Jala is working with several strategic partners to develop solutions to help Pakistan manage this mammoth undertaking efficiently, transparently, and incorruptibly. One solution involves creating a smart city that profits all inhabitants, and furthers the ability of the newly financially included to become a productive and innovative force in society. Thus empowering all communities in a pilot satellite city to fully harness their value potential, define their own story, and resist exploitation.  Jala’s integral, decentralized solutions are compliant with the cultural codes of most communities all over the world.


Holochain Partner

Jala partners with and builds its applications on the Holochain which is creating highly scalable decentralized computing platform where “the crowd is the cloud.” Thereby it solves major issues which at present still prevent the “Internet of Verification” to take off: scalability, energy consumption and factual decentralization. The Holochain is built to allow distributed apps, or dApps, to function without these and other bottlenecks that affect current blockchains. Relative to other distributed application infrastructures such as Blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum), Holochain applications operate exponentially faster, more effective and cheaper. And finally the lightweight architecture is perfect for mobile phones and even lower capacity and lower power devices such as a Raspberry Pi; it makes the coming Internet of Things secure.

Our Partners