Jala is about making the Informal Economy safe
and Credit a Communal Enterprise

Jala ID+ offers a Secure ID and Safe Transactions

Identity is much more than having an ID. Identity encompasses your qualities, beliefs, personality, looks and/or expressions but also your individuality and how you and others regard and interact with you. It is what makes everybody unique. So even groups and organizations have one. A digital ID can only be a place where people can reliably and verifiably shows their qualities, capabilities, competencies and yes, their merits or reputation. And all aspects of it are under their own control, as private as they want it to be—without compromise.

The Jala ID+ is a unique digital address of a person plus their data and the history of their interactions and transactions. This is recorded in a secure ledger and accessible physically and digitally. Therefore it comes as a card and as a mobile app.

The Jala ID+ Card and Mobile App

Embedded in the card is a NFC and a EMV chip. The card connects to Jala ID+ compliant apps via QR code or NFC chip. The EMV chip makes the card readable to ATM machines.

The app is the anchor of the ID and includes a wallet provided by our partner Sikoba; a powerful tool to manage any type of voucher, credit and if required fiat currency transaction.

Privacy & Security of Transactions

Working with our partners a mature and  sophisticated electronic Know Your Customer system is in place that guards the dignity and privacy of our users according to the highest technological standards exceeding national and international requirements. Our system is ready to bridge to banking solutions which enables us to support the development of Credit Communities with the users of the Jala ID+ Card and app and third parties.
Transactions may occasionally need verification by voice recognition: “I [name] verify this payment of [number] with this code: [random sentence generated per occasion by the app to be repeated by the user.]” After proper verification either by face and aliveness recognition and/or the Jala ID+ card the transaction is executed. A person’s trust and reputation level sets the maximum sums available for transactions per day and in total.