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The Challenge

People, especially those who can only participate in the ‘informal economy’, need a reliable form of identification and financial tools that give access to low-cost credit and enable them to build resilient, local, community-centred economies.

The Solution

Our activities are targeted at people confined to the informal economy to support their economic inclusion. We do this by providing tools and processes that create a more equal opportunity to participate in the economic life of their country. Our activities are therefore aimed at upgrading the informal economy to fit the needs of the local community. 

We build tools that enable informal economies to leapfrog systemic barriers to development. 

At its core this is about empowering communities to fully harness their value potential, define their own story, and resist exploitation. On this foundation of self-determined community identity, it is then possible to introduce outside resources, such as from impact investing or philanthropy, without compromising that identity

Jala as ‘lead participant’ develops processes and apps that encode the self-regulating aspirations of communities and their members into its technological and social architecture.

Jala’s main activities will therefore be the development and continual adaptation of:

  • a reliable ID that over time will find recognition even beyond the Jala ecosystem, incl. a trust & reputation system or add-in
  • a process that creates and an app that represents trustworthy ‘Borrower Pools’ and ‘Investment Pools’ to incentivize impact investors and philanthropists to engage and support these communities upgrading their economic life
  • a reliable multilateral credit system that incentivizes creating and using or purchasing local products and services including simplifying their value-flow inside the community, with other communities and outside participants community-building services to help the communities in which Jala operates to become economically and financially literate, and specifically to learn to use the instrument of Impact Investing and where needed Philanthropy to upgrade its economy.


Mushin J. Schilling
CEO & Co-Founder

Mushin is a software architect, an innovator, a community and a participation manager. He has architected the software for The State of the World Forum, Brazil and for Swisscon, Switzerland among others. His passion is creating opportunities for participation in an inclusive economy.

Ryan Warden

Storyteller, curator of experiences, visionary, idealist, programmer. Ryan has developed brand strategies and collateral for clients in food and beverage, hospitality, real estate, e-commerce, bedding, luxury fashion and wellness internationally. Resourceful and a rebel of stagnation, Ryan’s long-term vision is to build a decentralized, self-organizing governance system.

Kathryn Ananda
CXO, CSO (Strategy)

Kathryn has over 20 years of experience at the forefront of innovation in technology, human-centred design, systems science/thinking and p2p/ collaborative ways of working. She has a holistic grasp of business as a complex adaptive system. Building scalable, trusted and universally accessible systems is her passion.

Wayne B. Lewis
Fundraising, Community Catalyst, USA

Why Us?

  • We know how to incentivize users to act as trustworthy, reliable intermediaries due to our extensive experience in the P2P space.
  • Our DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) infrastructure for the Internet is ahead of the curve due to our direct partnership with the Holochain group and the next-generation DLT our network will be built on.
  • We will forge effective strategic partnerships and self-developing networks due to our decades of experience in community-building and decentralized organizational management.
  • We will create financial services that appropriately meet the needs of smallholders thanks to our rich, hands-on experience in areas such as agroecology, cryptocurrencies, and participatory education.,
  • Our network will be the most scalable as we value and are experienced in creating systems of collaboration and seek to empower others to improve upon what they are already doing
  • We have an on-the-ground understanding of Asian users as our business is based in Hong Kong and we have built our dynamic team from many countries and fields of expertise
If you would like more information on investing in Jala please send us your email address and we’ll get back to you shortly.
Email us directly at